I’ve been making sounds since 2005.

I discovered a love for music and sound on a beige 486 tower PC at age 10.

As a composer, I’ve written music for Apple, Adidas, Microsoft, Splice, Spotify, Vox, and many other films, advertisements, and podcasts.

I’m currently working at Vox Media Studios. I was Chief Engineer at WNYU 89.1FM, helped co-found Brooklyn’s Heritage Radio Network, and was Co-Creative Director at The LINE Hotel DC’s Full Service Radio.

As an artist I’ve had residencies in NYC, Miami, and 7 years at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. I’ve released multiple albums and regularly create audiovisual art under my Wreck Tech moniker which you can find on my TikTok and Instagram.

I like cats, cooking, biking, hiking, movies, movies, and movies. Also swimming.

I love working with big companies for high-stakes under minuscule timelines. I love working with new creators with minimal budgets and little experience. I just like writing music and making sounds. Drop me a line.

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