I’ve been broadcasting, creating soundscapes, and telling stories since 2005.

I discovered a love for music and sound on a 486 beige tower PC at age 10. My professional career began as DJ and Chief Engineer for WNYU 89.1fm, where I recorded artists like Ghostface Killah and DJ Premiere. From there I helped design, build, and run Heritage Radio Network, an internet radio station operating out of two shipping containers in Brooklyn, where I was Program Director & Chief Engineer.

In 2011 I became an engineer at East Village Radio, broadcasting shows and recording music everywhere from Coney Island to Dublin, Ireland. I also spent many years working with Red Bull Radio, producing content, engineering live programs, and streaming their annual festivals.

In 2016 I took a position as Co-Creative Director for Full Service Radio, broadcasting from The LINE Hotel in Washington DC. There I was responsible for production, engineering, and creating all imaging / audio branding, including sound design and original music.

Currently I’m the Music Producer for Vox Media’s CAFE network–most recently I scored the first season of Up Against the Mob. I’ve also worked with Microsoft to edit, mix, and sound design all four seasons of their In Culture Podcast; worked with Wonder Media Network to score “Moments with Candace Parker”, worked with Splice on sound design for Ableton Live; and produced a great deal of audio & video art under my “Wreck Tech” moniker. I’ve also scored a number of films and commercials, and worked with dozens of small podcasts as an editor, mixer, and composer.

And for the last 7 years my colleagues and I have run the Christmas Barn stage in the heart of the annual Bonnaroo Music Festival.

Every week I edit, write music, design sound, and consult with freelance clients to help them tell stories and make noise.

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