I’ve been broadcasting, creating soundscapes, and telling stories since 2005.

My career started as DJ and the Chief Engineer at WNYU 89.1fm, where I recorded artists like Ghostface Killah and DJ Premiere. From there I helped design and build Heritage Radio Network, an internet radio station operating out of two shipping containers in Brooklyn.

From there I became an engineer at East Village Radio, broadcasting shows and recording music everywhere from Coney Island to Dublin, Ireland. I also spent many years working with Red Bull Radio, editing content, engineering live programs, and streaming their annual festivals.

Most recently I’ve worked with Microsoft to edit, mix, and sound design all three seasons of their In Culture Podcast; worked with Splice on sound design for Ableton Live; and edited and mixed for Preet Bahara’s CAFE podcast.

For the last 7 years my colleagues and I have run the Christmas Barn stage in the heart of the annual Bonnaroo Music Festival.

I’m currently a producer and engineer at Full Service Radio, broadcasting from The LINE Hotel in Washington DC.

Every week I edit, write music, design sound, and consult with freelance clients to help them tell stories and make noise.

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